High quality weight and trunion system for Blaser F3 and F16 Shotguns.

The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be fitted with one or two moveable weight cylinders.

Compatible with all Blaser Shotguns. these guns come fitted with the system already:

  • F3 Competition (post 2017), Vantage, Super Sport and Super Trap.
  • F16 Sporting

When you are swinging and the barrel points exactly where your eye focuses, you can be sure that the weight distribution of your shotgun is perfectly adjusted to your needs. To achieve ideal performance the bulk of the weight should lay right between your hands. The overall weight distribution should then be fine-tuned to your personal preference. Two features of the F3 ensure that this is the case: the balancer and the low position of the bore axis. The Blaser balancer system makes it possible for the F3 to be flexibly adapted to every shooter and any shooting style: swing-through, pull-away, maintained- lead or move-mount-shoot.

The Balancer system allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs. The overall system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. 

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