Every Blaser rifle or combination gun can be matched with an original Blaser Saddle Mount.

After being zeroed in once the rifle scope can be removed and replaced as often as you choose, without tools, with 100% return to zero - guaranteed.

This lets you have the adaptability to use different scopes on the same barrel. This allows you to adapt your rifle to any situation by switching the optic as well as your cartridge load. Many Blaser owners have different scope for different scenarios e.g.-a low power scope / red dot sight ready for bush stalking/driven hunts and also a high power scope for longer range shots.

Four discreet indentations on the chamber end of the barrel take the all-in-one mount without tension.

The barrel itself is then totally free to oscillate.

No further work is required on the firearm, and there is no need for any other bases or mounts that can interfere with your sight picture or the look of the rifle.


Scope Mount for Rings

  • This mount will fit ring size tubes of 1" (25.4mm), 1" High, 30mm, 30mm high, 30mm offset, 34mm, 36mm, or 40mm. Please select ring size and height when adding to cart.
  • This mount will typically fit all scopes with tubes and objective lens bell OD's up to 58mm.
  • Be sure to check that your scope will fit between the rings and that the scope bridge will clear the top of the saddle mount base. Table of dimensions are provided on the product picture.
  • ring height spacers are available here: LINK
  • Saddle base tensioning driver is available for sale also: LINK
  • Every Blaser scope mount has 12moa elevation built into the saddle base. This makes them a great choice for pairing with scopes with dial up turrets for medium and long range shooting.


Total Configurability

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