The amazing thing about a Blaser R8 is that you do not need to purchase an entire second rifle to create another capability. On a Blaser R8 you can change the purpose of your rifle by changing the calibre!

Every Blaser barrel comes with the appropriate magazine insert. If you are changing calibre group, you will also need another bolt head. Check out the attached Calibre overview chart for the calibre groups (left column).

Over the long run, owning several barrels instead of several custom grade full rifles will make your hobby much more cost effective. Don't change the whole rifle, just use the same system, same muscle memory, same safety system, same exquisite trigger, same outstanding ergonomics, same high level of precision and outstanding accuracy.

Every Blaser barrel is match grade. Blaser have no lower quality grade.

The flutes on a Blaser fluted barrel are cut and ground to micron accuracy for the full length of the flute. This perfection of concentricity and mass distribution is what creates the outstanding accuracy of our fluted barrels, even as they heat up. Competitors barrels will cause the POI to shift across the target as the barrel heats and warps, not with a Blaser, the bullet goes where you aim it.

Depending on the barrel length and calibre, fluting shaves off 100-200gm and of course gives it a look like no other...

In comparing the dynamics of a Blaser fluted barrel to carbon wrapped barrels, Blaser is the clear winner. A high quality steel barrel with flutes will exhibit none of the problems associated with carbon wrapped barrels and every advantage of micron precise steel at about the same weight of a carbon barrel.


  • 17mm diameter at the muzzle.
  • Nitride surface treatment of the bore and chamber means less throat and bore erosion resulting n longer accurate barrel life. 
  • Nitride surface treatment of the outer surface means less susceptibility to corrosion by oxidisation. It also makes the surface extremely hard, preventing impacts from harming the smooth steel surface.
  • Perfectly concentric bore, chamber, barrel and fluting surface thanks to Blasers proprietary hammer forge and finishing processes. Unlike lesser brands, Blaser barrels do not exhibit a loss of precision or POI shift as they heat up due to the micron perfect concentricity of the barrels. Also the Steel used in their construction is of the highest quality and consistency meaning that there are no heat warping problems due to varying steel homogeneity found in lesser brands.
  • Blasers unique 360 degree bolt locking interface and self centering bolt head provide perfect cartridge alignment to the bore resulting in better precision and accuracy. 
  • Fitted with Blaser scope mount detents. The ultimate choice in scope mounts that can be removed and replaced with NO loss of zero, ever.
  • Standard length for MI/ST group cartridges is 58cm or shortened to 52cm.
  • Standard length for MA group cartridges is 65cm or shortened to 58cm.
  • With an appropriate high quality optic it is possible to share one scope over multiple barrels. This can make owning several barrels a very economic over the longer run.

Pricing Notes:

  • Same price with or without open sights
  • Magazine insert comes with the barrel
  • Shortening does not incur a surcharge unless an even shorter length is desired.
  • Muzzle threads incur a surcharge
  • Round barrels are listed as a separate product, check them out!
  • Match (heavy) barrels and Semi-Weight barrels are listed separately, check them out!
  • Most fluted barrels are back ordered with the manufacturer.

Just get hold of us and let us know what your desired barrel is and we'll make it happen!


This product requires contacting us before purchase. If using the configurator, you can copy the url from the address bar and then paste it to the message box on our contact page to show us what you want!