The STANDARD (short) version giving a ground to stock height of 17-24cm (6.5-9.5") and just 20cm in your pocket (8"). Weighing only 148g (5.22oz). Comes with 1 x  Universal Adapter all in a soft carry bag

THE LONG version giving an extended ground to stock height of 22-32cm (8.5-13") and less than 24cm (9.5") in your pocket, while weighing only 157g (5.54oz). Comes with 1 x Universal Adapter all in a soft carry bag

  • For the vast majority of hunting situations in our terrain, we recommend the Long version. It gets the barrel a bit higher over obstacles and provides more elevation for steep angle shots.
  • The Standard version (shorter) is good for flat, low country use such as varminting, where angles and obstacles are low.
  • The Javelin Original bipod is made from the finest grade alloy and carbon fibre to save weight and add strength.
  • The bipod connects using the patented Spartan Magnetic Attachment System and can be swapped quickly and easily to different rifles, making it the only bipod you need no matter how many guns you have -see installation video below
  • The adapter attaches to where your sling stud is located, this come with the kit provided to mount it to your rifle
  • Designed to be carried in a pocket or rucksack and fixed into place when needed in a matter of seconds, the Javelin is ideal for hunters covering large distances or moving through bush, mountains or woodland.
  • There is a new sling attachment point for your sling on the adapter provided  
  • Track targets with the traversing function or use in locked target mode
  • Cant facility for uneven surfaces
  • Low profile adapter makes carrying a slung rifle comfortable
  • Supplied with universal rifle adapter kit to attach bipod
  • Quick and easy to swap to other rifles using the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System
  • Lightweight and robust with extendable legs
  • Rubber and tungsten carbide feet for different environments