The Drilling D99, with its two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel, is the best all-rounder. It is the ideal firearm for hunting in areas with small and big game animals. The D99 has a double-lock system so that a second shot can be taken with no hesitation and without re-cocking. Thanks to the free-floating barrels, the point of impact remains constant even with quick follow-up shots. The extremely strong vertical block lock on the D99 helps contribute to its exceptional accuracy.

DRILLING D99 Standard:

  • Edge point engraving with small arabesques
  • Black fore-end tip
  • Optional with half-beaver tail fore-end
  • Stock with Bavarian cheek piece 
  • Grade 3 wood
  • Optional left hand stock - surcharge

    DRILLING D99 Luxus:

    • As the D 99 standard 
    • Hand-engraved arabesque engraving 
    • Grade 4 wood

    For calibre combinations please refer to the calibre list and barrel chart

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