Many hunters, particularly those with mixed small game and in mountainous hunting areas, want to be able to carry a single firearm with two different calibers. The upper, smaller barrel of the BS95 or BS97 lies in a carrier tube and can be adjusted precisely to the bottom barrel. 




Combination guns from the 95 model series are fitted with a single-lock and combined guns from the 97 model series with double-locks. This means that there are two strikers and two firing pin springs in the system. Both systems have their benefits.

The advantage of the 95 system is the slightly simpler operation, as only one firing pin spring needs to be cocked. This means that the rearm is automatically de-cocked after a single shot has been fired and the safety is engaged.

The advantage of the 97 system is that when a second shot is required, it can be released very quickly without having to be re-cocked. The 97 system is particularly useful for hunters who frequently have the opportunity of  ring a second shot quickly.

BERGSTUTZEN BS 95 / BS 97 Standard:

  • Receiver with grained side plates 
  • Grade 3 wood
  • Blaser precision triggers
  • Barrels float freely
  • Stock with Bavarian cheek piece 
  • Optional left hand stock - surcharge

BERGSTUTZEN BS 95 / BS 97 Prestige:

  • As the BS 95 and BS 97 standard 
  • Side plates with arabesque engraving

BERGSTUTZEN BS 95 / BS 97 Luxus:

  • As the BS 95 and BS 97 standard 
  • Side plates with either animal engraving or arabesque engraving
  • Grade 4 wood

For calibre combinations please refer to the calibre list and barrel chart

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