As hunters, we learn to expect the unexpected, whether in a blind or stalking, so it’s understandable that we dream of a  firearm that will allow us to take advantage of any situation. With the Bockdrilling BD14 this gives you the choice of 3 calibres in one firearm, Blaser has developed the perfect blind and stalking firearm – compromises are finally a thing of the past. The BD14 has a double-lock system so that a second shot can be taken without having to re-cock the  firearm. Thanks to the free-floating barrels, the point of impact remains constant even with a quick succession of shots, no matter which barrel was  fired  first. The extremely strong vertical block lock on the BD14 helps contribute to the high degree of precision.


  • Steel-grey anodized receiver, optional black anodizing
  • Stock with Bavarian cheek piece 
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Black fore-end tip
  • Grade 3 wood
  • Blaser precision triggers
  • Optional left hand stock - surcharge
  • Barrels can be adjusted to each other


    • As the BD 14 standard 
    • Animal engraving: choose from Red Deer and Roe Deer: Red Deer and Fox with Duck: Wild Boar and Roe Deer
    • Grade 4 wood

    BOCKDRILLING BD 14 Baronesse:

    • As the BD 14 standard 
    • Long side plates with arabesque engraving
    • Titanium-nitrided triggers
    • Engraved black trigger guard
    • Grade 7 wood


    For calibre combinations please refer to the calibre list and barrel chart

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