You watch your target through your optic, you read the wind, you adjust, time the shot between heart beats, can't feel where your body ends and your rifle starts.
The shot breaks.
The 300 Norma Mag sends the 230grain Berger Hybrid projectile searing toward the target at 3000fps. 
Your rifle bucks, you watch the impact. This is ULTIMATE.
R8 Ultimate Longrange with adjustable butt and adjustable comb modules fitted. 300 Norma Mag or 338 Lapua Mag calibre. 27" heavy fluted match barrel with muzzle thread and brake.  Send it.

The R8 Ultimate sets a new standard in terms of functionality and design. The 
two-piece ergonomically designed thumbhole stock ensures a completely
relaxed shooting position, as well as optimal control of the rifle when firing.

All of these options support our goal: to provide what is needed to shoot better in every situation. The Ultimate truly is the king of cross-over rifles. Set it up for fast offhand shooting in its standard configuration or add the adjustable butt pad and comb to tailor the fit for precise long range engagements. The choice is yours. Don't be locked into a single discipline with a non-modular rifle.

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