Rings to fit to the new style Blaser saddle mount. Excellent precision, style and function!

Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium 
Type: 4 Screw ring (6 Screw on 34mm high & 40mm)
Inclination: 0 MOA
Manufacturer: Blaser
Made in: Germany


Ring Sizes and Height options: Please see attached image showing a detailed table of ring heights and dimensions.

Ø 1" (height 6,5 mm)
Ø 30 mm (height 4,2 mm)
Ø 34 mm (height 6,9 mm)
Ø 36 mm (height 4,8 mm)
Ø 40 mm (height 12,0 mm)

Ø 1" high version (height 9,5 mm)
Ø 30 mm high version (height 7,2 mm)
Ø 34 mm high version (height 12,5 mm)

Ø 30mm OFFSET (height 7.2mm, offset

Note on Offset rings:

Orientation of the offset can be used forward and/or rearward depending on the direction of offset needed, perfect to help with eye relief or scopes that need re-positioning on the saddle mount. Can be used in conjunction with 1x 30mm high and 1x 30mm offset if offset is only needed forward or rearward in one part of the saddle mount .

Rings are sold singularly, please select qty desired. Fresh attachment screws are available, let us know if you need some.

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