F3 Supertrap barrel set is the ideal companion for champions. Thanks to the large adjustment range of the rib, demanding trap shooters can use the F3 to its full potential and adjust the shot placement by raising or lowering the rib according to their individual requirements.

  • Competition front and mid bead  
    • Thanks to the adjustment range of the rib, demanding Trap shooters can use the F3 barrel at its full potential individually adjustable requirements of the shooter by lifting or lowering the rib, the mid bead serves as an additional reference point.  
  • Screw-in chokes: Spectrum extended
    • SK+IC+M+IM+F

Available in:

  • 12ga

Barrel Lengths:

12 gauge:

  • 81 cm (32") 
    • factory-set to a pattern of 70:30 (sighting plane "Figure 8")
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