The harmonious combination of total length, balance and weight distribution makes the F3 Supertrap the ideal companion for champions, whether as an over/under (OU), Under-Single (USGL) or a F3 Supertrap Combo (OU + USGL) version. Thanks to the large adjustment range of the rib, demanding trap shooters can use the F3 to its full potential and adjust the shot placement by raising or lowering the rib according to their individual requirements.


- Available in 12ga

- Matte Black action - other versions available (see further down this page) 

- Supertrap O&U Barrels - factory set to 70:30 (sighting plane "figure 8)

- USGL Barrel - factory set to 85:15 (sighting plane "figure 8)

- Supersport Monte Carlo with adjustable comb as standard

- Wood Grade 5 (higher grades optional) 

- Fore-end English Style; Options of Semi-Beavertail fluted or Schnabel

- KickEez Rubber Recoil Pad

- Barrel and Stock Balancer

- Adjustable Trigger 

- Competition Front and Mid bead

- Screw in choke set (5) Briley interchangeable extended 

- Weight: 4.0 kg approx. (8 Ib. 13 oz.) 

- ABS travel Case - three combination locks

- Optional left-hand stock and left-hand opening lever

- Optional adjustable recoil pad

Stock Specifications:

Supertrap stock with adjustable comb: 

- Drop: 39 / 40 / 64 mm (1.5" / 1.6" / 2.5" ) based on highest rib setting 

- Cast: 5/2/14 mm (0.20" / 0.08"/ 0.55")

- Pitch: 88 degrees

- LOP: 366 mm 

Barrel Lengths:

Supertrap O&U Barrels:

- 81 cm (32")

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