Ladies only! With the lowest profile receiver in its class,
the F16 forms the ideal basis for a shotgun that is perfectly tailored to the
needs of the huntress – both for hunting and clay shooting.
Thanks to reduced pitch angle and slender pistol grip the optimized Monte Carlo
stock rests naturally in the shoulder and insures positive trigger control. Shooting
becomes more comfortable. The F16 Intuition versions boost self-confidence and
lead to natural intuitive shooting. Huntress and shotgun instantly become one.
The F16 Intuition is available as F16 Game and F16 Sporting.

A newly designed Monte Carlo shape provides the huntress with optimum target acquisition. With a stock length of 350mm, it insures the perfect fit from the first shot. The benefits to the huntress are clear: she can comfortably rest her face against the stock to get into the optimal shooting position. Due to the shorter stock the distance
between the pistol grip and trigger aswell as the distance between the butt plate and trigger is reduced. The pistol grip now boasts finer features to easily accommodate a smaller hand reducing the risk of flinching. Shooting becomes more comfortable. Huntress and shotgun become one.

Grade: Standard 
Gauge: 12 / 76
Chamber:  3" 
Stock: Right Hand Monte Carlo (Optional: Left Hand stock cast available- additional cost Optional: With adjustable comb- additional cost)  
Barrel length:  76 cm (30”) or 81 cm (32”) 
Chokes:  Flush to muzzle chokes ( ¼ (IC) + ¾ (IM) + ½ (M) ) additional chokes can be purchased 
Wood grade: Fusion-Laser engraved (Optional: Wood Grade 4 -additional cost)
Receiver:  Gun Metal Grey with F16 Logo, silver coloured for Game, red coloured for sporting
Fore-End: English Style 
Length of pull: 350mm (13.75”) including recoil pad 
Drop: 38/50mm (1.50”/2”) 
Offset: 3/6/8mm (0.12”/0.24/0.31”) 
Pitch: 84 ° 
Butt plate: Blaser Comfort recoil pad 
Trigger: Trigger pull 1650g (3 Ib. 10 oz.) Adjustable trigger length
Barrel selector: Selection of the preferred shot sequence, conveniently placed in front of the trigger
Sight: Nickel-Silver Pearl bead 3mm (0.12”) or red for sporting 
Firing: Reinforced with additional steel shot test
Stock balancer:

Game: Without (Optional: Balancer in the stock- additional cost) 

Sporting: With Stock balancer in stock

Barrel balancer:

Game: Without

Sporting: Prepared for barrel balancer weights 

(Optional: weights -additional cost)


Game: Approx. 3.1 kg (6 Ib. 13 oz.)

Sporting: Approx. 3.4 kg - 3.8 kg (7 Ib. 8 oz.- 8Ib. 6oz.)

Accessories included with the shotgun:
  • Lockable travel case
  • Sling Swivels for mounting a sling (Game)

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