A-TEC PMM-45 45ACP Suppressor


The A-TEC PMM series is a high performance, lightweight silencer. Modular design makes it possible to add on or subtract modules to influence weight/efficiency ratio.

PMM-45 is a high performance silencer that together with the PMM-6 are the lightest and most efficient pistol silencers on the market.

The PMM-45 is a silencer with a unique spring loaded piston, made to work with modern 45ACP with different types of ammo.

A-TEC decided to introduce the revolutionary Modular system on the PMM-45, allowing the operator to reconfigure the silencer to shorter and more compact designs. 

The PMM-45 is based on the proven technology on the PMM-6 silencer, redeveloped and customized to fit the needs for a 45 cal.

The PMM-6 has 7 modules that are made from a light alloys and stainless steel.

The spring loaded piston (Nielsen devise) and the modules will need to be disassembled, cleaned every 300 shot, and lubed (greased) up again.

Please read manual before shooting. 

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