When purchasing, be sure to let us know what muzzle thread you have on your firearm in the instructions box at checkout. Your A-Lock adaptor is INCLUDED FREE!



Over-Barrel Suppressor with large size and volume to provide exceptional noise reduction. 

It combines stainless steel in only high wear areas with strong Aluminium alloy body to produce a very durable but light weight suppressor. It's reductive ratin gto weight ratio is phenomenal.

This is a premium product with large size, light weight and excellent sound reductive effect. It is module-based which gives the user the option to vary the length by removing/replacing the middle baffle module. If it’s too long you can remove the middle sections to make it more compact!

This unit makes use of the extremely effective and unique A-Lock system. This small and lightweight muzzle thread adaptor can be used in two ways:

- Lock it to the muzzle and then quick attach/detach the suppressor in one second with a quarter twist! You can have A-locks on different rifles with different threads and share the one suppressor across all of them (obviously calibre dependant).
- Lock it into the suppressor and use the suppressor like any other conventional suppressor by twisting it on and off the muzzle thread.

With modular length, quick detach options; the choice is yours! Shoot your way.

  • Alloy body with stainless steel internal baffle arrangement gives them the ultimate combination of light weight with high durability! These are about the same weight as our remarkable carbon models but with high-durability and heat resistance!
  • Over-Barrel suppressor
  • Very good decibel reduction ratings.
  • A-Tec A-Lock compatible.
  • Perfect diameter to suit all rifles without being too bulky.
  • All magnum rated!
  • Removable mid baffle section to reduce the length past the muzzle when desired! 
    DIAMETER: 60 mm
    ADDED LENGTH: 150 mm
    TOTAL LENGTH: 230 mm


    .224 | .264 (6,5) | .30 | .338 | .375


    Available threads for a-lock mini:
    ½”-20 UNF | ½”-28 UNEF | 5/8”-24 UNEF | 3/4"-24
    M13x1 | M14x1 | M14x1,5 | M15x1 | M16x1 | M17x1 |M18x1

    Advice on suitability:

    The Optima series is designed specifically for hunting and stalking where shot strings are usually just a few shots. The A-Tec Optima series of suppressors prioritise lightweight first, which means their high temperature resistance is less than the A-Tec H2 series. Excessive heat is bad for the Alloy components of the Optima unit.

    When using the Optima suppressor; the user must limit it’s exposure to high heat by:

    • Limiting the round count per shot string and letting it cool between strings. The manufacturer guidance is 5 shots max per string.
    • Being careful with shortened barrels. On short barrels the combustion gasses are usually still burning when they enter the suppressor which greatly increase the heat. Limit the round count further on short barrels, e.g. 3 shots.
    • Being careful with high heat calibres like magnums. Limit the round count further on high heat calibres, e.g. 3 shots.
    • As a rough guide, if the Optima suppressor is too hot to keep your hand on it, it should be left to cool before the next shot string. Test the Optima on your rifle and feel the suppressor between each shot to judge the heat. Keep your hand on it for thirty seconds.
    • If you are a high heat operator, doing activities such as: pest control, target shooting, magnum shooting, mag dumps; then we recommend our MH2 suppressors for these purposes

    Please refer to the care and maintenance and disclaimer for further information

    Price includes 1 x A-Lock adaptor. When purchasing, be sure to let us know what muzzle thread you have on your firearm in the instructions box at checkout.

     For A-lock fitting instructions please click here and look at the product info

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