In cooperation with Norma, Blaser has developed a brand-new and completely original generation of high-performance cartridges. The latest ammunition technology was applied to achieve optimum performance in each caliber group.
High precision values in conjunction with notably increased energy and velocity data make the Blaser Magnum calibers your best choice for long-range shooting – whether you are hunting in the mountains, or shooting on the range.

Thanks to an optimized cartridge geometry, a stable cartridge base and modern powder types as well as the four-groove barrel profiles and adapted twist rates, the Blaser Magnum offers a more comfortable recoil than other Magnum cartridges. Norma offers loaded ammunition for Blaser Magnum as well as Blaser also do their own ammunition. 


7 mm Blaser Magnum .300 Blaser Magnum .338 Blaser Magnum .375 Blaser Magnum



What Blaser wanted to achieve out of Blaser Magnums:

  • Peer energy level to equivalent mainstream offerings like 338 Win mag, 300 Win mag and 7mm rem mag. In most cases, such as 300 Blaser and 7mm Blaser, they slightly exceed the performance potential on equivalent Win Mag and Rem Mag. Roughly have about 5-10% over the old magnums.

    Blaser Magnums have none of the inherent downsides listed below which old cartridges/calibres display:

    Belted case:
    • This is nothing but marketing at its best from the 60’s / 70’s. “its so powerful it needs a belt” Non-sense, no brass belt is stronger than the steel chamber. It just causes issues like cases stretching ahead of the belt and accuracy problems due to head spacing on the belt (at least for new brass/factory loads)
    Short case necks:
    • For some reason they decided to put really short case necks on 300 Win Mag and 7 Rem mag, less than a calibre length. This is not enough to hold the projectile firmly, true and square, especially when your ammo is getting knocked around in a hunting/normal life situation. It is also is theoretically less accurate as it doesn’t guide the projectile straight into the lands during initial combustion. And the free bore on those chambers is always minimal, therefore if you let the case neck grow, it will quickly after a few firings, jam into the rifling lead and crimp your projectile.
      Poor case quality:
      • Not true of all belted magnum manufacturers but most skimp on case quality. Inconsistent runout, inconsistent capacity and dimensions. Blaser used Norma because their dedication to consistency and accuracy is second to none. Only Norma make factory Blaser mag ammunition as we are aware, so the consistency is excellent in our experience.
        Case Design:
        • Blaser mags also do not have a rebated rim liked the old belted magnums. This makes Blaser mags sit square on the bolt face aiding accuracy potential.
        • They also optimised the shoulder angles, case dimensions, case wall thicknesses and pressure values based on 21st century ballistics and computer modelling. It is not revolutionary but is a clear development step on from the old belted magnums. These factors all translate into more “inherent accuracy” (or easier to load accurately and less fussy) and better velocities with nicer felt recoil. They’re still magnums so they still recoil like a magnum but most users of our Blaser magnums report that they feel nicer to shoot than their old magnums. This partly because all our feedback is from Blasers which recoil nicely anyway due to additional paring factors in rifle manufacturing but also the optimised Blaser Magnum case makes it less “harsh”. This then means tighter groups and less barrel movement/whip after the shot.
        Ammuntion / Reloading:
        • The brass cost is on par with other Norma brass
        • The loaded ammo can be expensive, so it is beneficial to start hand loading or get them custom loaded by the Blaser mag specialist at Black Watch Reloading, Jared shoots a 300 Blaser mag himself with incredible results. Contact: info@blackwatchreloading.co.nz . Look out for his article on the Blaser mags in the latest issue of NZ hunter and what projectiles are best and what makes Blaser magnums so good to shoot.

        Blaser Materials:
        The points below re-iterates how Blaser rifles are constructed to provide a "nicer" and much better performing magnum.

        Blaser R8 specs:

        • R8 has a ginormous magazine length for the Blaser mag (over 92mm). So one can seat the projectiles out to the lands without trouble.
        • R8 bedding system = extremely rigid. this is ideal for a heavy recoiling magnum = max accuracy. I.e. none of the bedding nonsense after purchasing a rifle
        • R8 recoil lug at mid chamber position = straightens recoil pulse to reduce muzzle flip = tighter groups, helps you see where the round goes when hunting, stay on target easier.
        • R8 free floating bolt head = floats until locked and under combustion pressure, forced perfectly concentric by radial locking system, so projectile starts true aligned with the bore = accuracy. i.e. none of the bolt face truing on other branded rifles
        • R8 ergonomics. Fits in the hand, ergonomic relaxed posture and hand grip, important when shooting a magnum = tighter groups in all scenarios especially field shooting positions, better recoil management.
        • Material selection. A big part of Blaser factory costs are raw materials. Just like aviation, they choose only the best certified material so these are consistently good but pricey. Everything from the plastic of the stock to the stainless steel and alloy components in the bolt and trigger.
                Blaser Barrels:
                • Blaser barrels are all about extreme consistency of alloy throughout the length and volume of the barrel and extreme precision of manufacture.
                • Barrel blanks are made from custom alloyed steel which is also ISO certified. Only Blaser use this steel, it is patented, not even Mauser or Sauer (who are part of Blaser group) get to use the custom steel.
                • The steel alloy is extremely consistent and homogeneous throughout it’s structure and density. This means that as the barrel heats during firing they do not exhibit warping due to mass density differentials = extremely precise groups under all kinds of temperature conditions, even during rapid fire and high heat operation.
                • Blaser choose this custom steel alloy because of its extreme consistency and high performance. They do not use stainless or carbon barrels because it is not metallurgically possible to achieve this level of consistency from those materials. Stainless is particularly known for a lack of alloy homogeneity which translates to warping issues with heat as other brands show (shots walking off the target after a couple of rounds).
                • Pneumatic hammer forge process is the best way to rapidly manufacture a barrel to match quality and consistently from batch to batch. The chamber, bore(rifling), initial crown and initial OD are all forged in a single operation on the mandrel. This means the chamber and bore are perfectly aligned and concentric and identical every time.
                • Barrels then go through several operations of refinement including inspection and honing = extreme accuracy
                • The OD is turned down to micron level concentricity and alignment to the bore. This also means our barrels do not warp as they heat up due to mass differentials.
                • The flutes are cut and ground to micron level concentricity and alignment to the bore also. The barrel OD and flutes are literally cut, ground and inspected to the same level of micron precision as the chamber and rifling. Pretty high tech stuff right?
                • Plasma Nitriding. Nitriding is used on any component that is chromoly steel, so anything that is pressure bearing and is not stainless, allot wood or plastic. The barrel and bolt head are the two main items which get this treatment. It is an expensive process and has two material advantages:
                  • It makes the surface hardness of the item extremely tough. So tough they are difficult or impossible to cut with high speed tool steel. This means it is very difficult to mechanically damage to outside of the barrel thereby maintaining its high accuracy through wear and tear.
                                  • The barrel bores are also plasma nitrided which make them very resistant to wear, especially by high energy magnums like the Blaser mags. Wear to the throat and rifling on a Blaser barrel is very slow, it does happen, but the accuracy life span on a blaser barrel would be twice that of a ordinary barrel
                                    • The nitriding is particularly thick and strong in high pressure and high wear areas.
                                      • Nitriding also has a measure of corrosion resistance. Nothing is corrosion proof but it does go a long way to reducing the effect of humidity in the field environment.


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