Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce "Blaser"?
It is pronounced blar-zer. It's German.


Why are Blaser Firearms so expensive? 
Blaser are an expensive brand and make no apologies for their uncompromising approach to quality.

a. Quality quality quality. Blaser make no compromise in the design, material selection, precision manufacturing and finishing of their firearms. Many of Blaser's designs are totally unique and required serious R&D effort to get to the manufacture stage. Material selection is key to a high quality product, Blaser literally only use the highest quality raw materials in their manufacture, no other manufacturer truly holds to this axiom. The equipment required and the skilled personnel to produce to this standard are expensive, very expensive. 

b. Exchange rate. The NZD has only half the value (buying power) of the Euro. That means that a firearm retailing from say $3k Euro in Europe will be priced from around $6k NZD in New Zealand.

In comparing our prices to other countries such as USA, and applying govt taxes and shipping costs, we are sure you will find our Blaser prices in NZ to be very favourable. Feel free to convert some prices from US websites and be pleasantly surprised at our low prices here.

- Remember, "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten" Aldo Gucci.


Why doesn't Blaser have my dream rifle in stock in the exact configuration I want right now?
Blaser does not hold stock. Every item we order is made to specification on demand at the factory. In NZ we stock the main selling items. Some configurations are not stocked due to too larger a number of configuration permutations but anything can be back ordered with the factory. We have a robust system for ensuring order accuracy and a lot of experience in navigating the myriad options; we are here to help. Please see our page on the bespoke ordering process.


How long will my bespoke order take to deliver to me? 
The factors involved are; customer time in deciding on their configuration, Blaser manufacturing time, freight time and finally clearance processing at NZ.

  • For items in stock in NZ, which is most main sellers, we can deliver in a few days pending administration and payment completeness.
  • For standard synthetic models and components not in stock allow four months for construction plus freight. 
  • For standard offerings from the catalogue without personalisation allow six months for construction plus freight. 
  • For bespoke firearms with high grade walnut and engraving, allow at least six months for construction plus freight. 


Where can I view one before I buy?
You are most welcome to visit our showroom. Bookings or a phone call are required. We have demo firearms of several models; we routinely send these to clients for a try before you buy. Just ask. Our endorsed Dealers own their own Blaser's, just hit them up for a demonstration.


Can I test shoot one before I buy? 
Absolutely. We have several shootable demonstration samples. It is ideal to visit us at our showroom as then we can ensure you are given the correct information on how to use the product. We can also take you to the range and you can shoot.

We can also send firearms to you for sampling.


What's up with Blaser's surcharges on every little option?
This is especially true of Blaser rifles. Basically it is due to the modular nature of the firearm in that any component on an R8 can be swapped on and off any other R8 (which is bloody remarkable right?!). When working out the prices, Blaser realised they need to price the options so that a whole rifle was priced at the same amount that it would be if it were purchased as seperate components. So, the benefit is that you are not penalised by buying components. 


Can I have a discount?
We are unable to provide discounts on an ad hoc basis. Our pricing is already set to a low level on day to day sales in response to our market. We are very keen to build attractive sales packages for clients, and so if there are some added extras you would like with your firearm, just let us know and we'll see what we can do for you. Members of NZ GOVT action arms such as NZDF, NZP, DOC, Fisheries, Corrections, LandSAR and OGA should alert us as we may be able to provide you special deals on a case by case basis.


What is the accuracy guarantee on a Blaser Rifle?
The manufacturer has decided not to provide a max group size precision guarantee on the rifles.

We would rather our reputation for precision do the talking for us. If you have a friend who owns a Blaser, we are sure you will have already heard how it is extremely accurate. Once the firearm is in possession of the owner, the myriad factors affecting rifle precision is mostly out of the manufacturers hands. Factors such as ammo selection, user skill and care have a huge affect.

We can provide some good info here on what level of precision we expect from our firearms. Every Blaser rifle is pressure-proof tested and accuracy tested before being permitted for sale.

With an accurate calibre, the barrels will often produce one-hole three-shot groups at the factory 100m test range and test bed. The test ammo type will be stated on your warranty documentation with the rifle.

Joel, who is an experienced precision shooter, has tested many clients rifles and observed the following results according to his skill on a bench rest. "With factory ammo the Blaser rifle 'likes'; typical group size is half moa. With a particularly good factory load or tailored reloads, group size is typically quarter moa. When you have got things right, and you can do your job; raggedy one-hole groups can be observed." All Blaser barrels are match grade. Pending operator skill, which is the biggest variable, you can achieve some epic results with our rifles:

Blaser NZ Rifle accuracy