Blaser hunting guns created by master craftsmen and craftswomen

Passion produces perfection. The development of hunting firearms, their production, and their refinement by craftsmanship and artistic treatment – this is our passion.

In the Blaser Custom Shop we manufacture and refine Blaser hunting firearms according to your ideas. Craftsmanship and creativity also allow for the realisation of unusual ideas. There are almost no limits to the implementation of personal design and wishes. 

Every Custom firearm is crafted to perfection and only leaves the Custom Shop until it is completely flawless, a true work of art. 

Throughout the design process, you are the driving force and decision maker when creating your individual hunting firearm. Our role is simply to embrace your vision, guide you and contribute ideas as well as our expertise. Get inspired now!


Refined by hand or designed by Blaser

Fine engravings of your choosing, accented by striking gold inlay and framed by stunning wooden stocks (in either satin or gloss finish) – don't let your imagination stop there. Within our range of individual upgrades, additional options can include carbon fibre, Ruthenium, rugged cowhide, exclusive mammoth ivory or unique sting ray leather. Possibilities are almost unlimited in giving your hunting firearm its very own, personal style. 

Besides traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art laser technology has elevated the level of personalisation now available for your Blaser. Intricate drawings, designs and camera ready art can be scanned and realised for any element of your rifle; from receiver and barrel to bolt housing and ball – let your imagination be your guide. The options are endless.

Some of the individual upgrades on offer

Custom engravings:

Pistol grip cap:

Trigger guard: 

Stock individualization:

Wood upgrades: 

Wood engravings / chequering styles:

Bolt and / or Bolt handle:

Barrel / sight engravings:

Leather inlays - custom configurations:

Saddle mount:

Model plate/Spang:

Locking lever:

Gold colour finish:

Diamond Like carbon finish (DLC)

Ruthenium finish:


    If you wish to order a custom shop Blaser please refer to our ordering a bespoke Firearm page.

    For more ideas or inspiration please enjoy Blaser's Custom Shop on instagram here.







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