Please read the operating instructions completely, before using the rifle.
Only use products for the care of your shotgun, which are destined for this purpose.

Blaser recommend transporting your gun in the original Blaser transport case to prevent any damage during transport.
Only transport interchangeable chokes separately in suitable containers we recommend the Blaser choke box

General information on barrels:
Blaser barrels are made using a high quality, quenched and tempered steel. The highest requirements are fulfilled in regard to purity, homogeneity and mechanical properties – particularly in the high dynamic sector.
The materials quality is monitored and documented by various factory inspections and permanent quality control.

Barrel external:
The barrel surface is externally plasma nitrated and blued (F3 only, F16 is not plasma nitrated extra care should be applied to the barrel exterior with the F16), which is a excellent protection against scratching and with correct maintenance – a high corrosion protection, not however a 100% corrosion protection.
To avoid wear to the surface of the barrel, and to retain full function, we recommend constant care using gun oil.
In particular, if the barrel was damp or has sweated in a synthetic case, this must be wiped dry and – as described above – lightly lubricated using oil

Barrel internal:
The internal surface of the barrel is hard chromed and has a very good surface quality. The smooth surface improves the corrosion protection, does not however substitute proper care and maintenance. We strongly advise that the chamber and barrel are free of oil before use, so as to ensure there is no difference in the point of impact. After the barrel has been fired, the barrel should be cleaned and conserved, as the powder residues in the chamber and barrel will attract moisture. Special attention should be applied to the chamber: Hand sweat is transported into the chamber by the ammunition. This can react aggressively and cause corrosion. If ammunition residue (carbon/ copper fouling) can be seen, then we recommend that the barrel be chemically cleaned. After chemical cleaning, the barrel and in particular, the chamber should be wiped dry and oiled.

Regularly grease hinge pin and radius on the action with gun grease 

Metal parts and interchangeable chokes:
Clean and lightly oil all metal parts of the gun and interchangeable chokes. Do not use grease, grease is to only be used on the hinge and raduis. Grease will clog up moving parts and cause them not to function properly.
Clean the threads with a brass brush each time the chokes are changed. Stock preservative is not suitable for polishing metal parts.
The barrels will be damaged if the wrong or no interchangeable chokes are fitted!
If steel shot, tungsten, tungsten iron or molyshot are used, do not use interchangeable chokes of sizes 3/4 (IM), 1/1 (F) or 5/4 (EF) and above.
Only fire with fitted interchangeable chokes.

The F3 and F16 Shotguns are steel shot proofed and is steel shot compatible.


Wooden parts of the rifle require special care and, being natural products, are subject to natural changes eg. water, temperature, humidity,. All wooden stocks of Blaser hunting rifles are oil-rubbed. We recommend to polish them regularly with Blaser wooden stock care. Gun oil is not suitable for stock care
Always ensure that the barrel channel is clean. Excessive oil or gun grease between barrel and receiver has a negative effect on the precision of the shotgun.

Blaser recommends a shotgun service every 10,000 rounds or every two years. This can be performed by our gunsmith we use here at Stager Sport as they are Blaser qualified. Guns repaired by third parties will void the warranty.



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