Please read the operating instructions completely, before using the rifle.

Only use products for the care of your rifle, which are destined for this purpose.


Blaser barrels are made using a high quality, quenched and tempered steel. The highest requirements are fulfilled in regard to purity, homogeneity and mechanical properties – particularly in the high dynamic sector. The materials quality is monitored and documented by various factory inspections and permanent quality control.

When assembling the rifle, please note, that the barrel, the bolt head and the magazine insert correspond to the correct caliber.

Before placing a barrel onto to the stock always ensure that the barrel channel is clear. Check and clean for foreign bodies under the barrel bedding and in the recoil lug slot, also make sure it is dry.

Always ensure the barrel is done up tight to the correct torque when placing the  barrel into the stock. This is always good practice to check this before and after use 

Barrel torque:

    • 10-12 Nm 

If you cannot measure the torque ensure it is hand tight with the use of the specialised R8 barrel key

Barrel external:

The barrel surface is externally plasma nitrated and blued, which is a excellent protection against scratching and - with correct maintenance - a high corrosion protection, not however a 100% corrosion protection. We recommend that the surface is kept clean and that a thin application of suitable gun oil is regularly applied. Especially, when the barrel is moist or has sweated inside a gun case. Here, the barrel should be wiped dry and lightly oiled.

Barrel internal:

The internal surface of the barrel is cold forged and has a very good surface quality. The smooth surface improves the corrosion protection, does not however substitute proper care and maintenance.

Before use:

For a brand new barrel please clean the barrel internal well, as build up of factory grease maybe inside.

We strongly advise that the chamber and barrel are free of oil before use, so as to ensure there is no difference in the point of impact.

After use:

After the barrel has been fired, the barrel should be cleaned and conserved, as the powder residues in the chamber and barrel will attract moisture.

Special attention should be applied to the chamber: Hand sweat is transported into the chamber by the ammunition. This can react aggressively and cause corrosion. If ammunition residue (carbon/ copper fouling) can be seen, then we recommend that the barrel be chemically cleaned. After chemical cleaning, the barrel and in particular the chamber should be wiped dry and oiled.

Always check, whether there are oil residues or other foreign matter in the chamber or barrel before/after every use. Residues or (Foreign matter in the barrel e.g. water, snow, soil) in chamber or barrel may cause distinct shifts in the point of impact! 

Barrel accuracy:

The firing precision of a gun depends on a multitude of factors. One of the important factors is the ammunition.

Not every barrel fires equally well with every type of ammunition, there may be considerable differences in efficiency.

Before firing a brand new barrel, please clean the barrel internal and external, as factory grease and other foreign bodies may be inside the barrel.

The scope and its mount are of the same importance. Parallax, loose reticles, defects in reticle adjustment and faulty mounting are the most common causes for unsatisfactory gun efficiency.

For these reasons, you should use branded scopes, mounted by a specialist, and you should tune in the ammunition to your rifle by testing several types of ammunition.

Ammunition of the same make and charge may exhibit different efficiency and impact point characteristics from one manufacturing run to the other and from one rifle to the other. When the optimum of ammunition, rifle scope and mount were selected, we provide a warranty for the excellent efficiency of our rifles.

The firearm should not be stored with a sealed muzzle or a muzzle protector or suppressor.

Metal parts:

Keep all metal parts of the rifle clean and slightly oiled at all times. Stock preservative is not suitable for polishing metal parts!

When oiling hunting rifles, care has to be taken that no oil or grease gets into the trigger and action system. Under certain conditions, oil and grease can resinify (harden), causing dangerous disruptions of functioning. Please have your rifle checked by your specialized dealer prior to each hunting season or hunting trip. Every rifle is a piece of technical equipment requiring regular checks

Bolt head/ locking block:

Always keep the bolt head clean and lightly oiled


Always keep the magazine clean and free of contaminants


Wooden parts of the rifle require special care and, being natural products, are subject to natural changes eg. water, temperature, humidity,. All wooden stocks of Blaser hunting rifles are oil-rubbed. We recommend to polish them regularly with Blaser wooden stock care. Gun oil is not suitable for stock care

Always ensure that the barrel channel is clean. Excessive oil or gun grease between barrel and receiver has a negative effect on the precision of the rifle.


The leather inserts of the R8 Professional Success are impregnated as standard and don't need constant cleaning. We recommend the Blaser Inlay Leather Care Kit for maintenance.

Optics: Please refer to care instructions of the optics manufacturer.

Scope Mounts:

Please ensure that the engaging surfaces are clean and free from grease and foreign bodies, as this may cause distinct shifts in the point of impact! 

Please ensure the locking tabs, ring to base screws and ring screws are at the correct tension/torque

Ring to base screws

    • Old R93 style screws 3Nm
    • New R8 style screws (larger) 5.9Nm

    Ring halves:

      • 2 Nm

    Locking tabs:

      • Torque required to close the thumb tabs is “rather firm with one thumb”. Reasonably tight. Torque is controlled by the star slot head nut on the right side of the saddle base. Use a specialised Blaser screwdriver to adjust this torque.



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