Ordering a bespoke Firearm with Blaser NZ

A large portion of our firearms orders are bespoke to client specification. We love organising bespoke firearms for discerning clients. It is certainly one of the rare pleasures in the business and we make it our business to be professional, precise and smooth to deal with.

  1. Please contact us with your preferred model and your ideas on options and customisation. If your base model is available on the configurator please feel free to send us the url once you have configured it. After configurating, you can copy the url from the address bar and then paste it to the message box on our contact page to show us what you want!

  2. We will provide guidance using our knowledge, the catalogue specifications, our internal product lists and the Blaser configurator. It is normal for this process to take a little time and will involve several emails back and forward. Where possible we prefer to record the firearm development on email so that details are not missed while guiding you to your exact desired specification.

  3. Once you have settled on your final desired specification we will provide a quote for the whole package order. It will include all discussed details, the NZD price including tax and will include freight. The price is fixed at this point. We will also provide an ETA based on our recent experience with the manufacturer. 

  4. If the offer is met with approval, we will provide an invoice for a deposit required to initiate the construction of your bespoke rifle. There are common sense terms and conditions covering the order that are worth a read here.

  5. On receipt of the deposit, the rifle enters the production system at Blaser. We will double check the manufacturers understanding of the desired specification. Blaser might also provide an estimated "out of production" date at this point. We will add estimated freight time and handling time to that date and provide it to you. 

  6. Changes to your order may be possible once construction has begun. Just let us know what you are thinking and we will do our best for you; the earlier the better. At a certain point in manufacture it may not be possible to acquiesce changes without cancellation and re-entering which has a delivery delay penalty. Changes to accessories are usually no problem and certainly additions are no problem.

  7. Due to our workload, we generally do not provide intermittent updates as to your order progress unless there is something significant to report. We do not have detailed visibility on construction progress. At this stage, the construction is out of our hands, but we trust that Blaser make best effort to meet their ETA, although they sometimes run over time. It is better that quality maintains paramount rather than sacrifice it for arbitrary expediency.

  8. As we approach our estimated ready and arrival time we will be busy organising freight and checking import permits. Please note that the New Zealand Police handle firearms import permit processing which takes time. When we have confirmation that your firearm will be on a shipment, we will give you a quick message to let you know. 

  9. On it's arrival, you are most welcome to visit us for a Blaser experience, we would love to host you; more info here. 
    Or we can organise courier carriage to a your location. 


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