Hunting is as varied as the different hunting grounds you go to. Whether you use a large or small caliber, each rifle has its own specific area of application.

The same goes for ammunition, and, in many cases, your options can be limited for safety reasons when hunting. It is therefore essential to be prepared for any situation – with combination guns made by Blaser



Blaser precision triggers
The excellent crisp quality of our triggers is a prerequisite for precise shooting, with no time delay between your reaction and a controlled impact. 

Blaser Saddle Mount
Barrels and scope form a single unit that is always accurate. The scope mounts lie directly above the chambers and the barrels can move freely, so the point of impact remains constant at all time. 

Freely oscillating barrels
Even with fast sequential shots, a consistent point of impact for each individual barrel is guaranteed. Whether it is for a mountain combination, an over- and-under rifle or a drilling, each barrel can move and expand freely within the compact barrel bundle. Both bullet and shot barrels can be adjusted to work together. There is one exception: the BB97 Classic, on which the barrels are soldered firmly together.

The exceptional weight distribution of all Blaser combination guns assists with intuitive handling as well as quick and smooth mounting.

Well protected against corrosion
All metal parts on the firearm are either manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials or protected using a special surface treatment. The barrel's bore and chamber are polished and require the usual care.

Steel shot proofed
Blaser shotgun-rifles of gauges 12/76 and 20/76, as well as the Blaser Drilling D99 and the Bockdrilling BD14 are designed and proofed for use with steel shot.

Plenty of options
There are numerous gauge and caliber combinations available within the Blaser range of combination guns. The combination guns of the 95 model series are fitted with a single-lock system and the combination guns of the 97 model series with a double-lock system.


It's your choice!

Combination guns from the 95 model series are fitted with a single-lock and combined guns from the 97 model series with double-locks. This means that there are two strikers and two firing pin springs in the system. Both systems have their benefits.

The advantage of the 95 system is the slightly simpler operation, as only one firing pin spring needs to be cocked. This means that the rearm is automatically de-cocked after a single shot has been fired and the safety is engaged.

The advantage of the 97 system is that when a second shot is required, it can be released very quickly without having to be re-cocked. The 97 system is particularly useful for hunters who frequently have the opportunity of  ring a second shot quickly.


Many hunters, particularly those with mixed small game and in mountainous hunting areas, want to be able to carry a single firearm with two different calibers. The upper, smaller barrel of the BS95 or BS97 lies in a carrier tube and can be adjusted precisely to the bottom barrel. 

BS 95 from $9,499

BS 97 from $10,499


Thanks to free floating and adjustable barrels, the range of applications for the BB97 goes far beyond driven hunts. The BB97 can also be ordered with a single trigger

BB 97 from $10,149



Shotgun and rifle – the classic at Blaser. The barrels can be adjusted to each other by a qualified gunsmith. This means that the Blaser BBF is unbeatable for shotgun slugs.

BBF 95 from $6,849

BBF 97 from $8,049


As hunters, we learn to expect the unexpected, whether in a blind or stalking, so it’s understandable that we dream of a  firearm that will allow us to take advantage of any situation. With the Bockdrilling BD14, Blaser has developed the perfect blind and stalking firearm – compromises are finally a thing of the past. The BD14 has a double-lock system so that a second shot can be taken without having to recock the  firearm. Thanks to the free-floating barrels, the point of impact remains constant even with a quick succession of shots, no matter which barrel was  fired  first. The extremely strong vertical block lock on the BD14 helps contribute to the high degree of precision.

BD 14 from $14,599



The Drilling D99, with its two shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel, is the best all-rounder. It is the ideal firearm for hunting in areas with small and big game animals. The D99 has a double-lock system so that a second shot can be taken with no hesitation and without recocking. Thanks to the free-floating barrels, the point of impact remains constant even with quick follow-up shots. The extremely strong vertical block lock on the D99 helps contribute to its exceptional accuracy.

D 99 from $11,099

Total Configurability

Blaser firearms and accessories have many configurations. We're here to make it simple for you.

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