Blaser R93, "The rifle of the Century". 

The R93 revolutionised how we think about a bolt action rifle. Straight pull action, 360 degree radial lock up, ultra accurate, strong and reliable, quick calibre change, quick change optic mount with 100% return to zero. It led to the development of the R93 UIT, then R93 LRS2 and lastly the Tac 2 Sniper rifle. The R93 is the archetype to the current pinnacle production rifle, the Blaser R8.

The R8 was created to meet customer demand for features such as removable magazine and a larger calibre choice to include long magnums such as 338 Lapua Magnum. R8 components are not interchangeable with the R93 as it is generally slightly larger.

In order to focus production resources on the newer R8, Blaser chose to cease production of new R93 barrels and components in 2016. New barrels are not able to be ordered from Blaser.

We hold a stock of spare parts to support R93 owners into the future however factory new barrels are very scarce. Please see the R93 components page to see what major components we have available right now. This will be updated from time to time. We have many other minor R93 components in stock, please just ask and we will see what we can provide.

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