About Blaser in New Zealand

Welcome to the home of Blaser in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Stäger Sport is the appointed exclusive agent for Blaser in our region. Hugh Bradley, Gunmaker, and past Managing Director, first laid eyes on a Blaser rifle while in Switzerland in the late 1980's with his Wife, Ruth, who hails from Murren Switzerland.

Hugh knew immediately that he had come across something unique and special, and soon after introduced them to our market.

Blaser firearms are unique and ground breaking. For some they are so revolutionary they may not understand them. For others they will be the rifle with the features they have always wanted. For us, they are the pinnacle.

Stäger Sport is now directed by Hugh and Ruth's Nephew, Joel, and continues to support and drive Blaser forward. We are a very busy company, we do our level best to provide prompt service, always operate professionally and strive to provide high quality experiences. 

Stäger Sport team members responsible for firearms will welcome your enquiry:

Katie Thomas
Katie brought her retail experience and sharp mind to Stäger Sport in 2018 and is building the role of Firearms Customer Service. A keen hunter of all game, Katie will often be out in the field on her weekends. Moreover Katie is a eager bow hunter, enjoying the stalk and the sense of achievement that brings. Katie will be your first port of call for most enquiries and will ensure you are presented with clear information and prompt service. Katie has set herself high standards in product knowledge and customer service and looks forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Joel Bradley
Joel purchased Stäger Sport in 2016 and is it's Managing Director. A fifteen year veteran of the NZDF, Joel has completed multiple operational deployments. Joel holds himself to high standards of accuracy and clear communication. Joel is very experienced with firearms and has a special interest in precision shooting. He enjoys hunting, especially on the tops, and wishes he could make more time for it. Joel and his wife Danielle have two daughters. Joel conducts training with Blaser regularly to top up his knowledge base. He is always keen to share his technical knowledge of our products, especially in guiding customers on to the right option for their needs.

Laurie Bradley, Gunstock Maker
Laurie is a fine gun and walnut aficionado. He is capable of any gunstock related task ranging from the top end of full bespoke custom stock making to exacting client specifications through to altering, and re-finishing. Laurie is our man for any customised alterations to stocks, especially shotgun fitting which is sometimes needed. Read all about Laurie at his website here.

Hugh Bradley, Gunmaker
As the original Blaser man, Hugh's knowledge of firearm systems is unparalleled. With his fully tooled workshop and manufacturing facility Hugh can conduct virtually any operation including manufacture of new parts through to alteration or repair to metal components. Hugh is our man for deep servicing, fault finding and rectification. Read all about Hugh at his website here.


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