BLASER K95 SINGLE SHOT RIFLE -your target, one shot

Elegant, huntable, accurate - Blaser's K95 single shot rifle has proven itself in demanding hunting situations for decades. Then, as now, it embodies hunting in its most elemental form. Its harmonious design and compact shape make it a pleasure to use wherever you are hunting.


Why carry a single shot rifle instead of a bolt action rifle? The answer is easy; The K95 is best to have when hunting on long hunts when weight is considered or in tight bush hunts where something compact is a must. Particularly the Stutzen (full wood version), as it is supremely accurate, incredibly compact and boasts the traditional appearance that some customers appreciate about classic hunting firearms. Thanks to the tilting block lock, it provides a sensational shooting performance, so that you will never want to carry another rifle other than the K95!



Blaser precision trigger
Its excellent crisp quality is a prerequisite for an accurate shot.

Blaser tilting block lock
Reliable and strong, designed to be able to handle the highest chamber pressures: this is the basis of the legendary K95 precision.

Blaser Saddle Mount
The barrel and scope form one unit that delivers accurate shooting day-in, day-out. The scope mounts lie directly above the chamber, so the barrel is free to move, and the point of impact always remains consistent. Cold hammer forged barrel and chamber. Both the barrel and the chamber are cold hammer forged in most K95 calibres, creating perfectly concentric bore, chamber and cartridge alignment.



Manual cocking system
Regarded as one of the best cocking systems in the world, no conventional safety catch can offer the level of safety guaranteed by an un-cocked firing pin. The K95 is manually cocked just before the shot is taken. If no shot is fired, the firing pin spring is de-cocked by pulling back the cocking lever.

Automatic de-cocking
When the locking lever is operated, the lock is automatically de-cocked.

Protection against unauthorised use
The tilting block, along with its integrated firing pin, can be removed from the K95 in just two steps and stored separately.



Well protected against corrosion
All the metal parts on the K95 are either manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials or protected by special surface treatment. The barrel's bore and chamber are polished and require the usual care.



Light and easy to handle
As compact as possible, the K95 is the perfect rifle for physically demanding hunting. It is ready to fire in seconds and extremely accurate.

Optimal balance
Excellent weight distribution assists with intuitive handling as well as with quick, smooth mounting.



Quickly dismantled, easily cleaned:
Even out in the field, it is simple to dismantle and reassemble the K95 in a few seconds. Cleaning the K95 is also easy at any time, whether you are dealing with snow, dirt or woodland debris.

K95 exchangeable barrels are available in numerous calibres and different versions so that it is easy to set up this versatile rifle for a wide variety of challenges. Once zeroed, every barrel is fitted and allows you to hit your target effortlessly.


Total Configurability

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