The universal adapter, made of 7075 Alloy, can be fitted to most rifle platforms in under 2 minutes. The Adapter takes the Javelin Bipod and Sentinel Tripod systems.

  • Easily fitted - see installation video below 
  • Sling re-attaches to rear of adapter
  • Compatible with the whole Spartan Product range.
  • Swivel function
  • The Javelin can now be fitted in Target Mode as well as Hunting mode, this is achieved by facing the swivel tension lever towards or away from you.
  • These adapters can be fitted to all your rifles, one bipod for all your rifles.

Universal Kit comes with (pictured):
1x Adapter with sling attachment
3x Rubber boots (to fit the curvature of your stock. Flat, semi-curved, curved)
6x Screws -to replace your sling screw. (Wood Screw, imperial thread, metric thread short and long versions of each type)
1x Allen key